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One of the benefits of using the Crystal Clear Spas system to maintain your spa’s water is that there is little or no water testing required.

The only level that you need to test at all is the pH of your water, and even then this is usually only in the early stages when your Crystal Clear Spas system is being established.

Why is that? 

The term pH is a scale of measurement that tells us how acidic or alkaline the water is. It is important that the pH is within the correct range for spa water because if it’s too acidic then it corrodes spa parts and if it’s too alkaline it causes scaling and cloudy water.

In order to keep the pH within the ideal range (7.6 to 8.2) the addition of acid or sodium carbonate is required. 

The reason that traditional systems require so much water testing is that the addition of chlorine or bromine actually affects the water’s pH and the level of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). Therefore each time you dose your spa with these chemicals, the pH balance is disturbed and you often need to add more chemicals to adjust it. 

Get the amount slightly wrong and you end up going too far the other way and have to add more to achieve balance. Each time chemicals are added the TDS increases, causing corrosion of your spa parts if the water isn’t changed or diluted. 

With the Crystal Clear Spas system, you are not adding large amounts of any type of chemical. 

Instead, the bottle of Spa Water Purifier you add to your spa each quarter have no impact on the pH of the whole body of water. 

Over time, the water in your spa achieves equilibrium and will keep the pH within the ideal range of 7.6 to 8.2. This is the pH range in which Crystal Clear Spas Water-Treatment functions most effectively to keep your spa water purified. 

Your Crystal Clear Spas spa will also have a low TDS which is good for your spa parts and means that you need to change your water less often, without the need to be continually adding chemicals. 

Often in the early stages of switching to the Crystal Clear Spas system, you may need to adjust the pH slightly to keep it within the ideal range of 7.6 to 8.2 and pH test strips are available to purchase on our site. 

You will find over time that your spa water will consistently test within that pH range requiring no further addition of pH adjusters to your spa water. Also because the TDS is low, you don’t need to change the water so often; we recommend every six to twelve months. 

Reference: http://www.absolutepoolspa.info/water_balance.htm