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Our customers love using Crystal Clear Spas in their pools and spas, but why?

We have put together 10 reasons why people use Crystal Clear Spas to purify their water. 

 1. It’s Easy

Crystal Clear Spas are the easiest spa maintenance system on the market. What could be easier than simply adding one bottle of Spa Water Purifier to your spa every three months? 

 2. There is minimal water testing involved

With the Crystal Clear Spas system, the only level you need to test is pH with the ideal range being 7.8 to 8.2. The beauty of Crystal Clear Spas is that once a beneficial ecosystem has been established in your spa, the pH will automatically keep within that range and you only need to test very occasionally. 

 3. Crystal Clear Spas won’t irritate your skin

Because Crystal Clear Spas do not contain any harsh chemicals they won’t irritate your skin. This is especially helpful for people who have skin reactions to traditional spa chemicals like chlorine and bromine. For these folk, this benefit alone is enough to convert them to the Crystal Clear Spas system. Crystal Clear Spas are also free from SLS and salicylates. 

 4. It’s good for your spa parts

Crystal Clear Spas have a protective effect on your spa parts, unlike traditional chemicals, which can cause corrosion and build-up of scale. Crystal Clear Spas actively remove scale from your system, meaning much less wear and tear on your spa’s parts.

 5. There’s no chemical smell

The beauty of Crystal Clear Spas is that you no longer need to shower to remove that chemical smell from your skin. Also, there is no stinky odour caused by chlorine or bromine breaking down as it oxidizes waste. 

 6. It’s good for your garden

When you use Crystal Clear Spas and then change your spa water, you can use the draining water to give your garden plants a drink, no harsh chemicals means that the water is safe. 

 7. It duplicates a natural hot spring

Because Crystal Clear Spas duplicate nature’s own mechanism of purifying a natural body of water, bathing in a Crystal Clear Spas hot tub is just like soaking in a natural hot spring! 

 8. It’s environmentally friendly

Because there are no harsh chemicals involved in the production of Crystal Clear Spas there is less of an environmental impact. In addition, there is no off-gassing of chlorine or bromine into the atmosphere, and the drained water is safe for our waterways. There is no animal testing involved in the production of Crystal Clear Spas. 

 9. It’s cheaper to use

As if the above benefits weren’t enough, Crystal Clear Spas are also friendly on your hip pocket. It costs less than 50 cents per day to run a standard spa, which is much less than any other ‘alternative’ spa system on the market (see ‘How much does Crystal Clear Spas cost?’. 

 10. You get one-on-one customer support

Crystal Clear Spas are an Australian family business. We pride ourselves on being able to help our customers sort out any issues they may be having with their spa water quality. If you need help with your spa call us on our toll-free number 1300866147 or send us an email