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Here at Crystal Clear Spas, we love using our spas all year round and especially during the winter! For us, there is nothing quite like a really good long hot soak when the temperature plummets outside, especially right before bedtime.

For those of you who just like to use your spa to cool down during the warmer months, it is a good idea to prepare your spa for hibernation, follow these tips and tricks to get your spa winter ready.

Do not empty your spa

Whilst this is not a hard and fast rule we do recommend that you keep your spa running all year round. Trapped stagnant spa water remaining in the spas plumbing and equipment can breed bacteria and cause water quality issues upon restarting your spa. Also, rubber gaskets and seals can dry out and can become damaged or cracked causing leakages which can be expensive and time-consuming to fix or replace.

Keep it Clean

Remove your spa cover and Thoroughly wash the top and underside with a mild degreaser diluted with warm water and then rinse thoroughly – ensuring you don’t get any residue in your spas water.

Add a bottle of Crystal Clear Spas Spa Water Purifier (formerly Spa Drops) to the pool water, and return the spa cover.

Save Costs

Secondly, in order to save money over the Winter months when your spa is not in use we recommend that you turn the temperature down, there is no point heating the water if you aren’t using your spa. Most spas can be turned down to 10 degrees celsius during hibernation.

Reduce Circulation

Another thing you can do to keep costs down and keep your spa clean over Winter is to lower the circulation settings, you still want to keep the water moving, intermittently throughout the day.

Adjust your filtration times in the settings of your spa controller. This can only be done only in filtration-only mode as opposed to demand heat mode.

If you have solar panels having your spa set to circulate during the middle of the days will utilise the Winter sunshine (if you are lucky enough to see the sun during the winter months like we are here in Perth, Western Australia). We recommend fitting a timer to your power point and setting so that the spa filtration only operates during daylight hours, generally 8am-4pm.

These four points/tips will help you save time, money and extra effort when you want to resume using your spa in the warmer months.

When Winter comes to an end and you are ready to get back into the spa we recommend that you clean your spa cover before removing it, test your water, add Spa Water Purifier (formerly Spa Drops), and adjust your settings.

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