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We have already talked about how we need a spa cover on our spa. The trouble is that if we don’t take good care of them they soon get shabby looking, split, waterlogged and even mouldy.

They are also not cheap so you don’t want to have to replace them too often. So how can we best care for our covers so that we get a long life out of them, and so that they continue to do their job of protecting your spa water and saving on energy costs? 

Keep it Clean

Firstly try and clean your cover every few weeks or so with a gentle detergent, dishwashing detergent will do. Clean the top and underside of your spa lid then rinse thoroughly. 

If your spa is out in the open and gets a lot of exposure to the elements you can protect the vinyl by applying some Armor All upholstery protector. 

Repair any tears

Secondly, in order to prevent mould building up and your cover from getting waterlogged, you need to make sure that any tears in the vinyl are repaired

Usually, when purchasing a new spa cover, you are supplied with a repair kit that you can use to glue a piece of vinyl over any tears to seal the lid. If you don’t have a kit you can buy some matching vinyl and attach it with some Araldite or sealant. If you don’t have anything to hand when you spot a tear, use some duct tape as a temporary measure. 

Dry it out

Another thing you can do to prevent your lid from getting water-logged is to unzip the cover and lay it upside down in the sun on a nice day. This way any trapped moisture inside the lid will evaporate preventing mould and also keeping your cover as light as possible, a water-logged cover is pretty heavy! 

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