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You may have read on our website that Crystal Clear Spas costs you less than 50 cents per day. So how do we come up with that figure?

Basically, the amount Crystal Clear Spas costs to use depends on the size of your spa and how often you change your water, and ‘less than 50 cents per day’ isn’t going to apply to everyone. 

Most of the time the amount you are spending is even less

We came up with ‘less than 50 cents’ based on a 1200 litre spa and a 12-month water change.

Here’s how:

Our Starter Kit is $210. In this kit you have enough to maintain your spa for the 1st year. So far that’s 57 cents per day (210/365 = 57 cents per day). 

At the end of 12 months, you decide to change your water and order a Pre-filter and Spa Prep for a total of $124. At this time you should still have enough Spa Drops to last you another 10 months (based on 12 drops per week which give you 99 weeks of treatment).

By then you would have spent a total of  $334 for a 22 month period of spa maintenance, which works out to approximately $3.40 per week or 48 cents per day

If you have a smaller spa (less than 1050 litres) you will get a full two years of use from your Spa Drops bottle bringing your daily spend down to 46 cents. 

If you have a larger spa or change your water more often than every 12 months, your costs will be slightly more, however, these amounts don’t include any discounts or special offers that we regularly offer our customers. 

For example, when you take advantage of our Spa Prep and Pre-filter combo deal that we offer from time to time, you spend even less! 

If you have a swim spa (over 3500 litres) the costs are very similar. A Swim Spa Starter Kit will set you back $210 (full price).  There is enough Swim Spa product to dose your spa for 60 weeks and if you change your water every 12 months and purchase a Starter Kit each year you are looking at roughly 57c per day

In the long run, Crystal Clear Spas are the cheapest non-chlorine spa maintenance system and indeed can be cheaper than traditional spa chemicals. Not only is it cost-effective, but you are also saving your valuable time

Crystal Clear Spas are easier to use, requires little to no water balancing and testing and is gentle on your skin and spa parts