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The Crystal Clear Spas system is a Water-Treatment maintenance system for your spa. Here’s why you should use Crystal Clear Spas in your spa this summer. 

1. Dramatic reduction in spa chemical consumption

With the Crystal Clear Spas system, your use of spa chemicals will reduce dramatically. Crystal Clear Spas keep your waters clear and sparkling without wild fluctuations in pH. If you use Crystal Clear Spas with a sanitiser you will find that you will use the smallest amounts and still keep the free chlorine at the correct levels. 

2. Only 10 minutes of maintenance per week

All you need to do each week is hose out your filter and add a few drops of Crystal Clear Spas Spa Drops – easy! 

3. No nasty chemical odours or skin irritation

Because you use very few spa chemicals, you will experience no chemical fumes or itchy skin. Crystal Clear Spas Water-Treatments are gentle on the skin and yet powerfully breaks down organic contaminants in your spa water. It’s perfect for asthmatics who are sensitive to chlorine or bromine. 

4. Proven Water-Treatment technology from the US

Crystal Clear Spas were developed over 10 years ago in Western Australia by a bioremediation expert. Crystal Clear Spa Water-Treatments use cutting edge technology that are superior to traditional pool and spa chemicals, for oxidising organic contaminants in the water. 

5. Spend Less

A Crystal Clear Spas Starter Kit will give you all you need to maintain your spa for up to two years. Save money on all those lithium chlorite and bromine sanitisers, pH adjusters and algae treatments. With Crystal Clear Spas your will use substantially fewer chemicals and enjoy clear, sparkling and soft water in your spa. 

Not just for spas! 

Crystal Clear Spas have a whole range of Water-Treatment products available for Swim Spas and Swimming Pools as well! Crystal Clear Spas Water-Treatments are compatible with all spa sanitizing systems. 

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