Spa Water Purifier (Hidden)


The only product you’ll need for the weekly maintenance of your spa. Spa Purifier is designed to be used in conjunction with Spa Prep and the Pre-filter in order to ensure satisfactory results. Results cannot be guaranteed if Spa Water Purifier is used without firstly purging your spa with Spa Prep. Spa Purifier has a 6 month expiry.


By using our Crystal Clear Spas Spa Purifier in your spa, you and your family can enjoy a healthy and inexpensive soak or swim, without the use of harmful spa chemicals. The natural enzyme formula (derived from plant and mineral extracts) in this product duplicates Mother Nature’s ability to balance and thoroughly cleanse the water in your spa, making it the ideal all natural spa water maintenance solution. Crystal Clear Spas Spa Purifier contains a full array of non-bacterial enzymes that can be found in a healthy body of natural water. This enzyme-based spa water treatment product breaks down organic waste into smaller particles, which enables faster natural bio-oxidation to take place. Crystal Clear Spas Spa Purifier also contains agents to protect your spa from metals and minerals that damage equipment and surfaces. This, combined with filtration, aeration and circulation in the spa, mimics the rhythms of a natural body of water and ensures that your spa stays clean and healthy between bathers and swimmers. Crystal Clear Spas Spa Purifier will treat an average spa for up to 6 months.