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Spa covers keep out dust and falling leaves, as well as sunshine, which will cause algae to grow in your spa. 

Spa covers also prevent spa water evaporating, reducing the need for top-ups. Not only that, spa covers insulate your spa so that the heat stays trapped in your water and you aren’t wasting money unnecessarily heating it. 

Probably the most important benefit of a spa cover is that it keeps pets and small children from gaining access

To keep your spa water clean and clear, you need our Crystal Clear Spas Water-Treatment System and a spa cover. 

Most likely your spa came with a cover but if not, you need one.

Caring for your spa cover:

Your spa cover is an important part of your spa equipment and maintenance.

The inside of spa covers have been known to harbour mould or bacteria, and if the cover is torn, these can escalate to the point that these contaminants drip down into your spa with the condensation that has collected on the inside cover of the lid. 

To keep your spa cover clean regularly wipe it down with warm soapy water (household detergent will do the job) both inside and outside the lid. If the outside of the lid has dust and debris on it, take care to open the lid so the debris does not fall into the spa.

If your spa cover is ripped or damaged we recommend you get it repaired.

Most likely your spa came with a cover but if not, you need one, spa covers we have personally purchased a good quality cover from Prestige Spa Covers in Perth, WA. 

If you think that a spa cover may be difficult to remove and replace each time you use your spa, you may want to invest in a spa lid lifter, which makes this job a lot easier. In Australia, you can source a spa lid lifter here at Australian Spa Covers.