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What Our Customers Say…

We regularly receive unsolicited testimonials from our happy customers.

See what they have to say about Crystal Clear Spas.

I just wanted to take some time to tell you how amazingly happy I am with your Crystal Clear Spas spa products! We installed a spa over Christmas and had endless problems with clogged filters, major fluctuations in ph and alk, scum buildup on edges and rust. I was making adjustments twice a day and spending around 10hrs per week in maintenance, my kids had 3 ear infections in 4 weeks. I was having breathing problems and choking on the chemical fumes. I have two young children and felt I was spending more time trying to get the spa right than spending time with my kids and enjoying our spa.

I was at breaking point, and I was about to put the spa on eBay when I turned to the internet for a more natural approach. To tell you the truth I was very sceptical but I owed it to myself to give it one last shot. When it arrived in the mail I was so excited but nervous about it not working like I hoped it would! Well I can happily report that 10 weeks on and our spa couldn’t be better! I am so relieved and completely overjoyed by this product! We are using our spa 4 times a week, it smells like the Murray ???? and it’s everything you described on your website! Maintenance takes 10 minutes per week and I’ve adjusted my levels once in the whole 10 weeks. No rust either. Thank you so much for believing in a natural product like this and selling it so others can enjoy the benefits of this system. You have a customer for life in me!

PS. I’m pleased to report not one ear infection either since starting Crystal Clear Spas!

Nicole WoningMount Evelyn, Victoria

I just got a call from Crystal Clear Spas, they obviously believe in their product and phoned to answer a specific question I asked on FB yesterday… if only all brands were this quick and interested in ensuring the effectiveness of their product. They weren’t trying to sell me anything, just ensuring I am using the product correctly and asked to keep them posted on my progress. Great stuff. Buy it, try it… bath in the purest water possible.

Alex White

I purchased a 1,000 litre spa pool. I admit it was second hand, but “Did I have problems” with water quality – always cloudy and even green. Then “Crystal Clear Spas” was recommended to me, so I purchased a starter kit and followed directions. What a miracle! The water became clear, clean, blue, sparkling and fresh.

David MorganSafety Bay, WA

We have been using Crystal Clear Spas since February 2012 it is amazing and I tell all our friends about it. We have a 1650 liter spa that we, our teenagers & their friends use frequently and I believe it is the best product you can use. We were quite skeptical at first but not any more. There is no juggling chemicals…no sitting and breathing in harsh chemicals just above the water line. We have had all skin types in the spa and so far no reaction, be it breathing or skin rash. This product is easy to use and economical you simply keep the filter & cover clean & it does the rest. The only smell is a slight organic odor which is more natural than breathing in chlorine & chemicals I think! I would highly recommend this product and I don’t have a vested interest.

Janine WaringVictoria

Just wanted to give you an update on our first season with the Crystal Clear Spas Pool Product. As you know we have a Chemigem and I wasn’t sure at first if using the enzyme product would be possible, but of course with your help and guidance we made it work and I will never look back! Our water is crystal clear and the biggest problem for me now is remembering to put the product in once a fortnight (now a reminder on my phone). Before I would be checking the pool daily or answering the constant alarm of the Chemigem.

Previously we were going through a drum of chlorine every 4 – 6 weeks and at $20 a drum that soon adds up, not to mention every other chemical the pool shop would sell us each time we went. The only other product we need to buy now is the chlorine blocks for the floater (one large container has lasted the whole summer and for under $30)But not only has the Crystal Clear Spas Pool Product saved us time and money the water is far more enjoyable with no chlorine after smell and no more red eyes. Bathers have lasted beyond one summer too which is a first!

The initial changeover was a little scary, with the pool not looking so great as the water adapted but I am so glad we persevered, the difference it has made is definitely worth it. I would highly recommend your product to anyone with a pool (salt or chlorine) and would be happy to speak with anyone thinking about making the change.
Thanks again for all of your help and support.

Cass KempJoondalup, WA

After having a swimming pool for years, I thought managing my 1500 ltr Spa would be a breeze, was I wrong, using Hydrogen peroxide and other chemicals it was uncomfortable and time consuming. After 8 weeks I was over it. I looked on the net for an alternative and came across Crystal Clear Spas, thought, to good to be true, I had to speak with a Representative, was given great help and advice, I ordered on line. After 7 weeks using Crystal Clear Spas the name says it all, crystal clear, soft water like a spring, no time spent on balancing water, out of the spa and you don’t need to shower. Thanks Crystal Clear Spas, awesome and highly recommendable product!

Alan CroftsThornlie, WA

I must say I am totally in love – yeah – it’s the real thing – with the new water treatment system we are using in the spa – no horrendous bromine smell – crystal clear water – feels silky smooth, beautiful water- the system, called Crystal Clear Spas – is from a company in Perth – we ordered it online – brilliant service and advice.

Ann WellerGold Coast, QLD

We had a friend’s boy swimming in our pool yesterday, he is normally highly allergic to chlorine and can’t swim at aquatic centres, water parks etc. His skin blisters and burns and needs shots from his doctor to help heal the sores. Thanks to your pool product in our swimming pool he didn’t even get a slight rash. His Mum was so amazed he was in a pool without any adverse skin reaction. We showed her your product and if she gets a pool in her new home she is building she said she would love to use your product- its blown her away! A big thanks from my friend and her son, he really was chuffed!

Tash VenablesClifton Springs, Victoria

I was having a bad reaction to chlorine, everything from rashes, sores and eczema….was not sure how i would find an alternative to spa chemicals and then I found Crystal Clear Spas on the net. Having been using it for 6 months problem free and reaction free, not to mention the ease of use I couldn’t be happier thank you …gotta go spas waiting.

Steve ClarkBaldivis, WA

Thank you so much for introducing me to Crystal Clear Spas it has been a great success for my pool which is very large and takes a lot of maintenance. This long hot summer has seen my pool crystal clear, no cloudiness or algae, I have not had to use as much chlorine, the water has remained in perfect balance and the water quality has been amazing for such a large pool.
No green hair, no sore dry skin, no sore eyes. I am now going into winter with Crystal Clear Spas and am looking to a trouble free winter too.

Carol-Anne Brand

I have professionally delivered, installed and repaired spas for over 10 years and seen it all in terms of spa chemicals and alternative spa cleaning products or so i thought. Some worked, most didn’t and they always tended to cost me a lot of time and money. I have been using Crystal Clear Spas for over six months now and it is the best spa water cleaning product i have used by far. Since switching from traditional spa chemicals my family and I have been reunited with our spa and now get in our spa up to five times a week. The health benefits alone make Crystal Clear Spas a better choice when compared with other traditional spa chemicals and the spa water is now always crystal clear. Hassle free and inexpensive, Thanks Crystal Clear Spas.

Beau ClarkeEvolution Spa Services – Perth

Recently we purchased your Crystal Clear Spas natural spa products via the internet and since we started using them we are happy to say the results have been perfect. My wife now has no skin reactions or irritation, it’s so much better than using chlorine. Glad that we found you on the net.

Nigel & Judy CumminsNSW

We just last week started preparing our spa the ‘natural way’ with the help of Crystal Clear Spas products. We had not used our spa for the better part of this year as my husband was suffering severe skin allergies as a result of the chemicals that were being used in the spa. Today I am happy to report we both went in for our maiden spa swim and are delighted with the results! My husband has had no skin reactions, the water is clear and clean and we are both delighted that not only therapeutic benefits of the spa can be enjoyed but we are also not poisoning our bodies and the environment. Thank you so much! As a business owner of a natural health care clinic, I will certainly be able to attest to my clients the benefits of Crystal Clear Spas Natural Spa products for their spa needs.

Vera PayneNatural Health Care Clinic Owner – Penrith, NSW

When we started using Crystal Clear Spas we were apprehensive about it’s effectiveness but, six months later, couldn’t now be more pleased. It IS effective in terms of cost, environmental friendliness and keeping the spa water clean and clear.

Dr John DrinkwaterChiropractic Consultant – Taylors Lakes, VIC

I was really pleased with the Crystal Clear Spas product from the initial purchase. The Crystal Clear Spas Rep came to site and personally instructed me on the correct way to use the product. Whilst the startup process is not complicated, and this personalized approach is not required, it did demonstrate a superior level of customer care and service. My old weekly tasks of water testing, and replenishing chemicals are gone forever. The water is clear, odourless and remains ready for use at all times. An added bonus is that when I eventually dump the water and re fill, I can use it on the plants. No regrets whatsoever.

Greg Blake

Hi I would just like to say thank you. This is the best product ever to have in the spa. It is just crystal clear, with no itching or rashes. I will keep using this product. It is so simple to use. Glad we found you on the net Cheers Liza & Garry.

Liza van der Heide

I just thought I would drop you a line to let you know my thoughts on the Crystal Clear Spas products. I have had my spa for about 3 years, and I have tried nearly every combination of regular spa products hoping I would find one that didn’t give me a rash, but I had no success. I got desperate and went to the internet and came up with your product. I have now been using Crystal Clear Spas for two months and have found it to be fantastic. I have had no sign of a rash or itch, and the spa water is always clean and easy to maintain. Everything that you claim your product to do is spot on. I’m a very happy man. I’m telling my friends about Crystal Clear Spas, I hope you get some retailers in Melbourne to sell your product which will make it easier for us to pick up things when we need them.

Albert Van VoorstVictoria

I would like to congratulate you on a wonderful product. Being first time spa owners and very hesitant to use the other chemicals on the market it was great to be introduced to a natural approach to keeping our spa healthy. We have been using it for a few months now and are very pleased with the results from Crystal Clear Spas. It is a simple, easy, effective alternative.

Marrea & Dean MackenzieWA

I have major skin problems, with everything irritating me, but have put up with our ozone spa for years because we thought that was the only choice we had. When a friend suggested we give Crystal Clear Spas a go we were thrilled to think there was something out there that was a better alternative. The spa is crystal clear after we refilled it on the weekend and we have been in twice without that horrible stinging, tingling feeling I always got. I am very impressed and will most definitely be spreading the word.

Jenny RichardsonSydney