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You can have a cleaner swimming pool using less chlorine.

Crystal Clear Spas Swimming Pool Treatment Water-Treatment Technology is able to break down organic waste very effectively. Our Water-Treatments are not a substitute for chlorine, but rather a perfect accompaniment. 

Chlorine needs to be able to perform the function of sanitizing your swimming pool without interference from organic compounds.  In order to make that happen, organic compounds need to be eliminated by other means. If you want to be able to cut back on your chlorine use, then you need to allow the reduced amount of chlorine to act more effectively.

Our Water-Treatment products can substantially reduce the amount of chlorine that you need to use because they eliminate the contaminants that cause your chlorine to form chloramines.

What is Crystal Clear Spas Water-Treatment Technology?

Crystal Clear Spas Water-Treatment technology is a non-bacterial, extremely concentrated, readily biodegradable solution deriving its efficacy through three primary sources: 

  • A readily biodegradable blend of select surfactants, chosen for their comprehensive emulsification attributes and relatively low order of mammalian and aquatic toxicity
  • A concentrated, supplemented, mineral and nutrient-rich extract derived from a carefully controlled fermentation process.

What makes Crystal Clear Spas Pool Treatment perform?

The natural process of breaking down organic contaminants involves a series of complex reactions. Crystal Clear Spas Water-Treatment technology naturally accelerates this process with an intricate interplay between the active ingredients of the Water-Treatment and the indigenous bacteria which results in a dramatic reduction of organic contaminants depending on how the product is applied and the friendliness of the environment in which it is used. 

Why use Crystal Clear Spas Pool Treatment in my pool?

With Crystal Clear Spas Pool Treatment, you cut out all of your opening and closing chemicals.

Essentially, you are offloading a task that chlorine performs to the Water-Treatment, which work more effectively. By doing this, your chlorine is then free to do what it is supposed to do: disinfect your pool and keep it free of dangerous pathogens.

In a pool that is full of organic waste, the amount of free available chlorine will be reduced substantially.  The chlorine that you add will be used up as it reacts with the nitrogen and ammonia in the organic matter. 

Our Water-Treatment products break down nitrogen and ammonia instead of chlorine, thereby decreasing the amount of chlorine that is required to clean your pool. 

In order to keep your pool clean, you need to have free available chlorine. Without Water-Treatments, that means shocking your pool more frequently using much larger amounts of chlorine.  Water-Treatments can reduce the amount of chlorine that you need in each shock treatment and keep your pool cleaner between shocks.  

Crystal Clear Spas Swimming Pool Treatment simply takes over the expensive and incomplete job of oxidation (shocking) performed by chlorine. 

Chlorine is used as an oxidizer (shock) and as a sanitiser in swimming pool maintenance. Around 80% of chlorine added to swimming pools is used up for oxidation (chemically burning up contaminates). Chlorine is a very poor oxidizer; it leaves behind byproducts that then combine and form chloramines. Chloramines are ineffective sanitisers and/or oxidizers. They cause the strong chlorine smell we are all familiar with, they are toxic, hard on pool equipment and surfaces, plus they irritate your eyes and skin. These large doses of chlorine also affect water balance, forcing you to spend more time and money on water balancing chemicals to correct the pH for example. A lot of chlorine is also wasted because higher water temperatures and sunlight burn it up. 

Our natural Swimming Pool Treatment Water-Treatments bio-oxidize pool water contaminates completely, leaving only simple salts, water and Co2 which off-gases. In turn, only a very small amount of chlorine is needed to maintain your free chlorine level. 

During the season if you use chemicals only, it is recommended that you maintain a level of chlorine of 1.5-3ppm (parts per million). By adding our Crystal Clear Spas Swimming Pool Treatment.


What is the function of the surfactant blend in our Pool Treatment?

The surfactant blend serves to emulsify the binders that hold organic contaminants together. These surfactants modify the surface tension of the liquid that entrains the contaminant. This helps to break apart contaminant particles into smaller pieces and produces more surface area for the surfactant and Water-Treatments to work on. 

Why is there settled material at the bottom of our products?

All products containing Crystal Clear Spas Water-Treatment technology are concentrated and contain hundreds of organic compounds. Settling is perfectly natural and will not affect the performance of the product. For best results, mix products well before using them. 

How do I get started?

  • When starting the treatment for the first time you add 60ml (2oz) per 38,000 litres of water the first and second week.
  • Then, skip week three and 30ml (1oz) per 38,000 litres every other week during the season, (week 4,6,8, etc)
  • As you get ready to close the pool, add 60ml (2oz) per 38,000 litres for the last two weeks then close the pool. A pool blanket is recommended.

Important things to remember

Always mix Crystal Clear Spas Swimming Pool Treatment with 4 litres of water and pour evenly around the pool perimeter. Keep your pool floor free of debris by vacuuming regularly throughout the season. Reduce the amount of chlorine in your pool slowly, especially if you are a first time user of Crystal Clear Spas Pool Treatment.  After 4-6 weeks of treatment revert to using a floater with 1 or 2 blocks of stabilized chlorine in it set on a small release setting. 

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